On Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s final live stream before release, Square Enix elaborated on the game’s upcoming Season Pass. 6 new characters will be joining the launch roster of 27, and we now have a better chance of guessing who they’ll be thanks to some official hints.

The developers have described these fighters based on gender and where they fit in the Final Fantasy release timeline. We break down our predictions for each below:

1. Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy 7)

Hint: New male character (from old half)

Of all six characters, this is the only slot ‘from the old half’. Given Final Fantasy 7’s legacy for boosting the franchise’s name in the west, this one seems to be a no-brainer. Vincent Valentine may not win Miss Congeniality, but if we’re looking for a retro fan favourite then he’s certainly got the chops. With a superhuman body boosting his speed, endurance and agility – this vampiresque man in red would work well in Dissidia’s Assassin class.  Plus, with the Final Fantasy 7’s 2015 port now on the PSN store and a remake incoming, it’s a good time to cross promote.

2. Vivi Ornitier (Final Fantasy 9)

Hint: New male character (from new half)

Keeping with the idea of cross-promotion, we’d also expect a Final Fantasy 9 representative following the game’s PS4 release in late 2017. Vivi, while not the ‘protagonist’, is arguably the soul of the game and has captured hearts of fans as a result. This little dude would be a great fit for the Marksman class, all the while representing the iconic black mage trope of the series.

3. Yuna (Final Fantasy 10)

Hint: Female character who previously appeared in Dissidia Final Fantasy series (from new half)

This hint really makes things easy: it’s a toss-up between Yuna and Prishe (Final Fantasy XI). It’s safe to say who the fan favourite here is, and with the Final Fantasy X / X-2 collection also available on PS4 there’s more chance for new fans to connect with this heroine. As a summoner, she’d make a unique addition to the Marksman class.

4. Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)

Hint: New male character (from new half)

What’s that? Final Fantasy 12 doesn’t have a villain rep yet? It’s true, but evil judge Gabranth is ruled out purely by the hint specifying this is a new character (Gabranth was playable in the previous game, Dissidia 012). With charm, wit and flexibility as both machinist or white mage Balthier made a standout party member in his Final Fantasy 12 adventure. Dissidia’s Specialist class of fighters who use magic and offense is also lacking numbers compared to the rest, and Balthier fits the bill. Lastly, not to be a broken record, but Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac was also released on PS4 in 2017.

5. Aranea Highwind (Final Fantasy 15)

Hint: New female character (from new half)

As the only new female character from the season pass, this hint isn’t hard to nail down. I’d bet my gil on Aranea – a surprise favourite anti-hero from Final Fantasy XV. The game is still being supported in 2018 with additional DLC and its recently added Comrades multiplayer mode – perhaps an Episode Aranea is on the way? Regardless, I don’t see Lady Lunafreya taking this spot as she’s simply not as combat ready. Aranea’s fighting style is the classic dragoon, and although we already see this in Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy 4), her raw power may separate her into the Vanguard class and make for a unique fighting style.

6. Ardyn Izunia (Final Fantasy 15)

Hint: New male character (from new half)

Unlike Aranea, there are already official talks of an Episode Ardyn for Final Fantasy 15’s ongoing DLC, so it makes complete sense for Square Enix to grant the game a third roster spot and give us this fedora touting villain. Although some would prefer these additions to be spread evenly across all entries in the series, Square Enix is known for saturating us with the most recent game until the next is announced (cough, Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, cough).

Ardyn’s swordplay and mystic abilities align with the Specialist class of fighters, and perhaps he’ll get a Prompto skin for an alternate outfit? Jokes aside, this villain has resonated with fans far more than his counterparts in recent entries thanks to his wit, quirkiness and character development throughout the game.

And that’s a wrap! While these are all predictions, we at least know the Season Pass will go for 4,000 yen (~$45.62 AUD) and individual characters for ($9.12). The game releases in Australia exclusively on PS4 on January 30th, 2018 and its open beta begins today. Disagree with any of the above? Let us know in the comments!

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