RTX Sydney 2018 had local indie developers showcasing their games. We spoke with a few of them. Here’s our quick chat with Caveware Digital.

Gamers Classified: Can you tell us about yourself and your studio?

Josef: Definitely! The studio is Caveware Digital. We’re game jammers, basically. We formed a while ago as a group called Chikun and we renamed ourselves last year (or the year before?). We’re a group of about 10 game jammers, who want to make larger games and that’s what we’re doing here with Quantum Kick.

Josef: I’m Josef. I was born in 1993. I started making games in 2005 when I was in Year 6 and I’ve been making games ever since.

Gamers Classified: Long time gamer, long time “Game Maker” as well, ay?

Josef: Absolutely. Started off on Game Maker, then moved to Love2d and now we’re here on HTML5.

Gamers Classified: Can you tell me about Quantum Kick?

Josef: Quantum Kick. It’s absolutely our biggest project so far. So currently Quantum Kick is in pre-alpha which means that we’ve got a gist of it and we want to test it out and see what people’s reactions are. So far, they’ve been pretty good!

Josef: The idea has been you have to control the field where there’s a Red Team and a Blue Team. The Red Team wants the field to be mostly red, the Blue Team wants it to be mostly blue. The twist is that there is a vertical element to it and it feels likes waves. I’ve started to see the gameplay is a lot like the sculpting tool in Sim City: you get a mountain, you get a valley, it’s very dynamic, very natural. When you’re playing it, you just get into it. I think the main appeal is really sculpting it and feeling you’re a part of it.

Gamers Classified: What inspired you to make Quantum Kick?

Josef: A while ago, for a game jam, I made a game called The Breaks and you basically had a ship that couldn’t stop. It would always move along a grid and you would have to make as many triangles as possible in the time you have. That went through many iterations. We looked at it and thought that had potential. We’ve had lots and lots of iterations over the last six months.

Josef: The inspiration behind making Quantum Kick, like actually make it, was we had a lot of projects that failed in the past and we were like, “we need to finish something! We need to make something, we need to get out there, otherwise we will be done!”


Josef: Like, legitimately! *laughs* If we keep cancelling, we’ll will just never get anything done. And that’s where we are with Quantum Kick: we’ve spent so much time on it that we’ve HAD to make it good. Like, it just couldn’t be bad.

Robert: Developing a game for the sake of development. We do want to make the game great but it’s primarily about the act of developing because we’re game developers and we want to get better at it.

Gamers Classified: Will Quantum Kick be the main focus of 2018?

Josef: Yes! 100 Percent! We want it out at the end of this year.

Gamers Classified: So, when it’s out, how do people get their hands on it?

Josef: Steam, definitely. It will be available on online stores. Xbox is our primary console target. We do want to look at mobile and that’s probably going to happen I would say.

Gamers Classified: Cool. Thanks for your time guys! Really appreciate it.

Josef: Thank you very much!

For more info on Caveware Digital and Quantum Kick, visit qk.caveware.digital


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