Ahh, gaming community pet peeves. Preaching to the choir, but here are some that definitely hit home hard for some..

“Get off your game and do this for me now”

I’m still amazed at how, to this very day, family and friends tell me to pause and get off my game. You know, and they sure know as I’ve told them numerous times, there is just no way to ‘pause’ an online game without being reported for signing out or being AFK. Years and years of repeating the same thing over and over to them.

“What’ve you been doing all week/night/day? Playing?”
Yeah, pretty much. I have no life outside of playing this game. Just don’t do it, don’t ask a gamer anything relatively close to this, it’s hella patronising to assume thats all we do. I mean yeah, it’s our hobby, but I mean you wouldn’t say that to a graphic designer who is spending everything spare moment they have on Illustrator. If you like cooking its a different story, or if you play your guitar then whoa that’s definitely a silly question etc. Funnily enough, gamers can enjoy themselves and have lives too guys!

“Hey you got [insert game here]!? Alright so is what you need to do [insert tutorial here].”
So here’s the thing about us gamers, we are P R E T T Y good at playing games. Sometimes the need for in-game tutorials are just not, needed. So when we encounter a game we actually forked out money for, meaning we know what the game is about and no doubt we have put some time aside into checking out the gameplays and trailers before buying it, so I’d say we’re P R E T T Y good thanks.

But no. That’s not how it goes (for gamers and non-gamers alike). Whoever downloads or buys the game first, has become the Raid Boss of the game. They, of course, know the game inside and out; back seat gaming at its finest, instructions on when to blink and when to breathe. Not to sound like a snooty b-word, appreciation is easily given when needed. But all I need is for you to chill, and let me enjoy this (and give help when my numerous attempts fail).

“You’re not a kid (or you’re a female), you shouldn’t be playing games”
One of the classics. As a female in her 20’s, I am expected to be in the kitchen cooking prepping myself for when I have a family of my own. Last I checked videos games were made for all ages and faces, there is no way I will let society tell me otherwise; and no matter how many times people tell me I can’t, clearly I still will.

“You shouldn’t waste your money on games”
To be completely honest with you, in this day and age isn’t buying an odd game here and there better than buying drugs and alcohol? How much does it cost for a night out on town, some people’s idea of entertainment is forking out an unimaginable amount of moolah to get drunk and have ‘fun’. I mean I know people who will save up to buy a $5,000 Gucci bag/belt/shoe, I mean c’mon. Out of all these ‘hobbies’ and ‘addictions’, gaming is literally on the low end of this scale

And the MOST controversial…

“Video games cause people to be violent”
So this will piss people right off, regardless of whether they know how to game or not, because to me, it is completely untrue. I don’t think that playing a video games would cause a person to become violent or sadistic any more than turning on the television in this day and age and watching the news (and media in general, especially social media). I could go on about this topic forever (I think this calls for a whole new article in itself), but there are are number of things that can cause violence in people’s behaviour; like lag… or lack of skill.

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