So lately, I have been getting into a lot of trouble off my dear mother for gaming too much. That’s normal right? I mean, all of your parents must be the same, I haven’t met any parents that really support their children in gaming (aside from buying them the games they want). When I have children (and that is in the very far and distant future), I will not only support their gaming interests, I will 100% encourage them (and actively smash them in whatever game they want to be good at) for these 4 reasons!

1. Gaming, is just simply the best.
Obviously. I mean c’mon, being a kid kind of sucks a lot of the time, even adulthood does at times. Gaming is such an easy way to blow off steam, escape and even learn. Yeah, you can blow off steam and get your mind off things other ways like running, drawing or reading, but there is just something different about flopping in front of your computer or console and smashing out a few bad guys. To me, the best way to deal with a bad day is to grab my headset and immerse myself into a world where I know hard work and perseverance does pay off, and then in turn try to use that in the real world. To win (which then brings me to my next point).

2. Gaming teaches perseverance
To get better at a game; you need to play it (I guess the same could be said about life). From easy to difficult, to repeating the same quest over and over again, there is no way that the game will say ‘Good job, you can go to the next level because you tried hard and that’s all that matter’. No. Way. You want that level, you have to work your ass off. Trying really hard isn’t good enough, you have to earn it.

3. Losing with grace
Losing is a necessity. No one can be the champion for too long, trust me I know. No one could beat me at Tekken, I was unstoppable for years, until that one fateful day at the arcade where my streak ended. It sucks. But what sucks even more, is those salty players that throw tantrums when you’re a better sniper or better mid laner than them. You can’t always be the best, but you learn from that and day by day or game by game you get a little better.

4. Gaming connects them to a global community
Most of the games that I play are multiplayer, and I prefer it that way. I can connect to friends over in the suburb over, within Australia and/or around the world. My brother plays with people in USA, New Zealand and Philippines; meanwhile, I have made some of the greatest friends ever all over Australia. I feel like it makes the world a very tangible and real place for everyone, you learn about their culture or language.

Gamers come from all ages and backgrounds and walks of life, and yet they are all still united by one thing; the love of the game. There is hardly anything to fear from gamers, probably just the use of profanity thrown around. But to me, gaming is good, for all of us, regardless of age.

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