So everyone knows how some particular things in life can be so powerful, that they can change how your mind thinks (some say even your genetic code). Some (if not most) of you might not know but there have been musings to say LSD can change your personality. That’s the first thing that comes to mind, then the most obvious things that can change you; people, trauma, addictions.

So most recently, the game that has been constantly on my mind, literally changing the way I interact and function, is the ever most popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. CS:GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game, where (and I know you know) two teams are pitted against each other: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Each of the sides has the task of eliminating one another while also completing separate objectives. If a FPS isn’t your thing, no doubt you’re confused as to why this game is such a big deal. I used to watch my brother play Battle Field and COD and wonder how the heck someone could get so addicted and caught up with such a game, I used to get so annoyed he’d hog all the gaming time, and yet look at me now.


Gaming is literally like a drug for me today, more addictive than playing a physical sport ever was to me (and if you know anything about me, basketball is my jam). It pushes my mind into a new awareness, stimulating every inch of my dusty brain. Games these days are all about the the intellectual decisions and cognitive moves you make, not to mention the hand/eye coordination really puts a strain on your memory. Every little minute counts in any game, not to mention every little second, everything needs to be precise and accurate so every stroke of your mouse and tap on your controller has to be made swiftly and with purpose. You have to remember what items to build, the sequence to getting the final kill or even just remembering to save your mana. But above all, taking in the surroundings of the world you are in.

If reading is good for your brain, gaming is boundless in comparison.

I remember getting back into gaming after many years of a ‘becoming more like a lady’ hiatus which didn’t really work out for me, wondering why the heck I ever let the world tell me, a female, shouldn’t be playing games. My mind never buzzes as much as it does when my team wins a game. It’s thrilling, the highest of highs. I find it almost near impossible to not be thinking of gaming; how much money I need to put aside for a new part, who is streaming what game, but more-so just resisting the urge I have to get online at work and play.

Okay, this article makes me seem like I have a really bad addiction to gaming, but I really don’t. I know when I’ve reached my limit, I’m not an 18-year-old college student anymore who can stay up to some ungodly hour of the night playing games until I pass out. I know the implications, but it is hella hard when you play a game so powerful with such an innovative storyline you just HAVE to see it to the end. Maybe one day, in the near future, gaming will be so fatally entertaining that it will usher in a remarkable endemic of gaming addicts, where you have to get your gaming fix. Maybe it won’t, we’ll see.

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