Australian eSports is growing at a healthy rate, but it can still be difficult to find out what tournaments and events are coming up. That’s why we’ve gone out and dug up the biggest Australian eSports events that we could find. I wrote this article as a sort of hub/diary for our local events or events that our countrymen will be participating in. If you know of any others that have been overlooked be sure to let us know.

League of Legends

Oceanic Pro League Finals – 2-Sep

Starting with the closest event, the OPL finals will be shown this Saturday at selected Hoyts cinemas around Australia and New Zealand. The Dire Wolves and Chiefs eSports Club will battle it out in a best of 5 at 5PM. You can find out more in one of our recent articles.

Worlds Championships – 23-Sep to 4-Nov

One of the biggest eSports events of the year and most likely to-date will grace us shortly. I am counting this one as an Aussie event because one of our teams from the OPL finals will be competing in it (although the event will be hosted in China). The highest tier of competitive League of Legends play that we get to experience.


HCT Asia-Pacific Summer Playoffs – 8-Sep to 9-Sep

The playoffs for the HCT Summer playoffs will use seven rounds of Swiss play, then follow up with the top eight players in a single elimination bracket. The top four from the playoffs will be invited to the Summer Championship. This is the precursor to Hearthstone largest event of the year. After Australia’s unfortunate downfall in the Global Games I look forward to seeing some Aussies compete at a very competitive level in Hearthstone. For more information, you can visit Hearthstone’s website and you will be able to watch the stream at Hearthstone’s Twitch channel.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive


This Sydney event will play host to The Chiefs, Grayhounds and two other top ANZ CS:GO teams for their chance at winning 100,000 USD. It will be held in the ESL Studios in Auburn and will allow you to experience some high-level play and some of Ben!’s eSports monitors and peripherals. Find out more on ESL’s Facebook event page.


World Cup 2017

After Australia’s outing performance at the World Cup qualifiers, we have clinched a position at the Blizzcon stage. The bracket has been announced by Blizzard Entertainment and you can see it here. Australia will be facing Canada in it’s first bout on the big stage and I can safely say that they will mass amounts of support back here in the land of Aus. To see how we did in the qualifiers check out our video documentary of the action-packed weekend below.