Overwatch's new hero.
Overwatch's new hero.

Finally, fans and players can feast their eyes on Overwatch’s new hero, Doomfist. But is the game ready for him?


Doomfist, real name: Akande Ogundimu, is a mercenary from Nigeria. The charismatic figure was born into a wealthy family who owns a prosthetic-technology company. When he wasn’t busy with the family business he was competing in martial arts. Akande lost his arm during the Omnic Crisis, fortunately his company helped him recover and made him even stronger than before. However, due to the prosthetic limb he was deemed ineligible for martial arts competitions.

He was then brought into the Talon organisation by Akinjide Adeyemi, who was known as the second Doomfist, the Scourge of Numbani. Akande quickly rose through the ranks of the Talon organisation. However due to vastly differing views he killed his mentor and took the title of Doomfist, along with the massive gauntlet he now wields.

Talon, under the guidance of the new Doomfist, attempted to create a conflict that would consume humanity. Luckily, this attempt was thwarted by an Overwatch strike team, that included Tracer, Winston and Genji. Doomfist was then imprisoned for his actions but has since escaped and reclaimed his gauntlet in the hope of sparking another all-consuming war.


According to the blurb from playoverwatch.com: “Doomfist’s cybernetics make him a highly-mobile, powerful frontline fighter”, which is absolutely spot on. After watching PTR (Public Testing Realm) streams on Twitch, it is evident that Doomfist is an incredibly mobile hero capable of ploughing through Reinhardt shields and delivering mass amounts of damage.

His primary weapon is a short-range shotgun that is fired from his knuckles. The weapon only has four rounds so it’s likely Doomfist will play as a dive character. Meaning he will be effective at diving on the enemy team supports, killing them and diving back out. His abilities include Seismic Slam, Rising Uppercut and Rocket Punch, all self-explanatory with those types of names. However, his passive ability “The Best Defense…” allows Doomfist to generate a temporary shield when he deals any damage with one of his abilities. This reinforces that Doomfist should be played as a dive character. His ultimate ‘Meteor Strike’ allows him to leap high and smash into the ground dealing huge damage to enemies in the targeted area.


After watching several streamers play Doomfist, I am excited to see what this incredibly strong hero will bring to the competitive scene. With his ability set making him very mobile and dealing a considerable amount of damage he will be a force to be reckoned with. The new combo of Zarya’s ultimate along with Doomfist’s will definitely get you the Play of The Game at the end of a match. 😉

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