The League of Legends Oceanic Pro League and Hoyts will be combining forces to bring the OPL finals to the big screen. On September 2nd, the top two teams from the OPL will be shown clashing in the rift at selected Hoyts Cinema’s. The winner will then represent the OPL at the League of Legends World Championship in China later this year.

This is a great idea from the team behind the OPL. The cost of hosting esports events are continually rising due to event sizes, popularity and equipment required. A simple big screen and an electric atmosphere is all esports really needs to create its ideal environment. People will go to their local pub to watch their respective sports team play and all they have is a screen and camaraderie. If enough people attend the event, it will be a great evening. I personally will attend the Sydney showing to support our local Aussie esports scene.

The current state of the OPL is very competitive. A quick recap: Chief Esports Club has taken out Sin Gaming, which means they go on to play against Legacy Esports today at 5pm. And finally, on September 2nd the finals will be played against the Dire Wolves. You can catch the games coming up to the final on the OPL Twitch stream.

You can book your tickets to the OPL finals here. The event will commence at 5:30pm and tickets will be $15. Prepare yourself for some sort of giveaway and/or competition to be held on the night for some sweet, sweet League of Legends swag. If you’ve ever been to a League of Legends event you can at least assume that they will be handing out thunder sticks (so you can beat them together senselessly when someone is inevitably ganked under tower).

If you cannot make the final at your nearest Hoyts cinema be sure to support Aussie esports and catch it on the Twitch stream.