In Summer 2018, we can expect to see Australia’s largest cities compete against one another in an esports league called ‘The Elite Series’. The esports league will be brought to us by joint venture with HT&E Events, Gfinity and IKON Media & Entertainment. This will give Australian esports much needed structure and a solid platform for a competitive environment.

The Elite Series

‘The Elite Series’ will have 7 founding franchise teams, unfortunately not all of Australia’s major cities will be represented. The teams included in the league are as follows: Sydney Blue Surge, Sydney Opsydian, Melbourne Metattak, Melbourne Rebolte, Brisbane Deceptors, Adelaide Photonics and Perth Subnets. Aussies will be able to watch live weekly events at dedicated esports venues which will also be streamed online and broadcast on television.

The Founding Franchise Teams and Logos

The Challenger Series

In addition to ‘The Elite Series’, we will also get a new online competition, “The Challenger Series’ debuting in Q3 2017. Although no games have been announced for either league, we can speculate that League of Legends will be included due to the name of the online competition. The HT&E market announcement states:

“Open to all gamers, the Challenger Series will be the battleground for amateur players to compete against each other, to win the chance to play alongside the pros in The Elite Series. Selection for The Elite Series will take place via a player draft where the top-ranked amateur competitors from The Challenger Series will join professionals in a player pool, from which team owners will be asked to select their squads for the upcoming seasons. Each squad will have a defined number of professional and amateur players and be managed within fixed salary caps.”

2017 has been an incredible year for Australian esports such as the Overwatch World Cup Qualifiers, Sydney League of Legends Battleground and the Zen Esports Network League. Fans have seen Australian teams excel on a global level and have hosted the largest local esports events to date. Our local scene is clearly on a rise and surely we can expect to see more esports events and news coming our way.




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