Do you remember that game we all used to play with Pokemon in it? The one that turned everyone into complete zombies running around town with their heads glued to their phones? Yeah that one, Pokemon Go. Well, it has officially been one year since the chaos infected us, turning everyone into a gotta-catch-’em-all Pokemon Master wannabe, draining our batteries and mobile data and distracting us from work/studies. And we all forgot, Happy belated Birthday!

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we caught the craze that was Pokemon Go. Driving to Pokestops to catch rare Pokemon with 30+ other people holding their phones out trying to flick the most efficiently to catch that Pokemon. People lost so much weight walking around their neighborhood, even my whole office was in on it; waiting for someone to squeal ‘OH MY GOD GUYS THERE’S A DRATINI IN THE OFFICE!’ and everyone dropping everything to catch it. Good times.

But a year later and people are still into it. Not as many as when the app first dropped, but millions are still on their Pokemon journey to become the very best (that no one ever was). So if you ever have that pang in the back of your mind to log back in and see if your Pokemon are still alive (unlike our Neopets amiright), now is the time!

For all you avid Pokemon masters still out there (or if you’re just a bit competitive); Niantic is throwing an anniversary event that will last 18 days across the whole dang world from July 6 – July 24, and oh man is there a whole bunch of goodies. The event is going to give players discounts on boxes, which include Max Revives, Raid Passes, Incubators and Ultra Balls.

So the first BIG surprise off the bat, you can catch a Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat! Pretty straight forward really. Yeah, they gave lil’ mate a Santa hat for Christmas and New Years and even a party hat for Pokemon day, but this is the Ash Ketchum hat! It even evolves from a Pika to a Raichu with the hat on too, so better get yourself two of those cuties. These Ash Hat mice will likely become one of the rarest Pokemon in the game after the event ends.

But what’s one surprise without another? There hasn’t been much hype on this, but Niantic is also making some changes with the egg pools during the event. If you still don’t know what the go is with the egg pools in Pokemon Go, let’s just say egg pools decide which certain Pokemon hatch from certain eggs. So pretty much during the event, some rarer Pokemon will be swapped with some more ‘common’ Pokemon here and there. Also, if you want that cute lil’ Pichu with Ash’s hat, you’ll have to evolve your guy from a NEW 2KM egg that you get AFTER the start of the anniversary. All those other 2KM eggs will just be a regular old joe Pichu.

Happy belated Birthday Pokemon Go! And happy catching!