BenQ ZOWIE Extremesland ANZ Qualifiers



There was a great turnout for the BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND ANZ Qualifiers yesterday at the ESL Studios in Sydney. A whole day of good ol’ Aussie Counter-Strike complete with lunch, giveaways, free play areas and upsets, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Semi Final #1
Chiefs v Athletico
The two teams battled it out through all three maps of the best of 3 which ended in an upset from Athletico knocking out the favourites Chiefs. The first map was Athletico’s pick on Mirage but did not start out too well for them losing the pistol round and Chiefs taking it to 5-0. With the crowd behind them and some huge individual plays from chiefs including an ace from tucks they led the first half 10-5. In the second half Athletico found their form along with an ace from sync with the Usp-s and came back taking the win 16-12. Map 2 was Chiefs pick on Train where their 76.8% win rate really showed, taking the first half 10-5 once again. Unlike the first map they did not let Athletico come back in the second half and with the help of an ace from malta while holding A site, Chiefs managed to win their first map 16-6. With one map each it was on to the third map on Nuke for the decider. Chiefs picked up the pistol round but each round went back and forth for each team with the score at 7-8 at half time. Even into the second half the rounds were one for one up until Athetico pulled away to win it 16-14, giving them the second map win and knocking out Chiefs.

Athletico beat Chiefs in the Semi-final
Athletico beat Chiefs in the Semi-final

Semi Final #2
Kings v Grayhounds
The up and coming team Kings have only been together for a couple of months but have already shown they are a team to be reckoned with. Once again all 3 maps were played of the best of 3, the first on Nuke for Grayhounds pick. Kings did not have a great start to the match with a team kill on the first round and trailed 5-10 to Grayhounds at half time. Kings picked up the pistol round of the second half but couldn’t manage to catch Grayhounds who won the first map 16-11. Onto King’s pick for the second map on Mirage, they took the pistol round for a convincing start. Despite an embarrassing death from sico where dexter burned him alive in snipers nest, Kings led at half time 9-6. The second half became a much closer game with Grayhounds winning the pistol round pushing into the lead. It was then neck and neck before Kings closed out the win 16-14 making it 1-1. The decider was then left to Inferno that looked to be Kings map as they took the first half 13-2. Grayhounds with some fire still in them, brought it back in the second half but couldn’t deny Kings the win 16-14 to take the best of 3 2-1.

Kings Gaming Club win their Semi-final
Kings Gaming Club win their Semi-final

Grand Final
Kings v Athletico
With the two qualifying teams beating the invited teams in their respective semi finals it was time for Kings and Athletico to go head to head. Unlike the previous matches, this was a more straight forward 2-0 for Kings on Overpass and Train. Kings won the pistol round on the first half of Overpass to which Athletico tried to counter with 5 desert eagles on round 4, unfortunately it was unsuccessful and they were denied any more rounds for the first half. With the score at 15-0 to Kings on Athletico’s map pick the 16-0 dream looked to be a possibility, much to the excitement of the crowd. Emagine from Kings rubbing it in as he burns two of Athlectico’s players alive after their smoke grenade failed to put out the molotov. Dick Stacey clutched round 16 to kill the dream, making it 15-1 with Athlectico’s coach PeetyG really getting into it yelling ‘another one’ as they win not one but two more rounds before Kings take the first map 16-3. The second map was very much in Kings favour, being their pick on Train and taking the first half 12-3. Even though Athletico won both pistols rounds they weren’t able to stop Kings taking the win 16-9 in a convincing effort to win the qualifiers.

Kings Gaming Club win the finals
Kings Gaming Club win the finals

We congratulate Kings gaming who will represent the Australia and New Zealand region in Shanghai, China for the BenQ ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND Grand Finals. If you were not able to attend the event check out what we saw in our highlight reel below!

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