Reality TV shows need to stop but I guess we can let two esports related shows squeeze through. Australia and South-East Asia will be home to two upcoming esports reality TV shows.


Spawning soon is The Next Gamer. Judging from what was posted on the website, the  show will be a Big Brother-like house where 10 contestants will compete for $10,000 and a 6-month contract with an Australian Esports League of Legends team. They will fill the show with regular challenges and tournaments that will apparently test the players mental resilience, physical fitness and teamwork. Ultimately, the 10 will be culled to a 5-man squad that will face off against Oceania’s top League of Legends teams. Unfortunately, it seems as if the applications have been closed. The website that did host the description of The Next Gamer is now just a large ‘SPAWNING SOON’ sign.

According to the mediaconnex website, Spout and Aurora will team up to produce Game To Fame: Road to World Cup. The first instalment of the series will base itself around EA’s FIFA. Where, similar to the above show, they will pit players against one another for professional gaming contracts. Mediaconnex describes it as a “competitive, drama-filled reality format that endeavours to bring E-Sports into a more mainstream audience by including real-time streaming interactions with fans and influencers.” Also stated on the website is that the series will feature League of Legends, DOTA and CS:GO in the future and is projected to begin casting on the 19th August 2017.

As much as I despise reality shows, they are great at bringing their respective subject matter to the medias attention, which is exactly what Australian esports needs. I honestly believe this is a great idea to bring Australian esports to the forefront of the Australian media. We did recently have Australian TV broadcast the Overwatch World Cup Qualifying matches but the quality was so poor most of us reverted to the Twitch stream. Hopefully this reality show will give Aussies a view into what it actually takes to be a pro gamer.We here at Gamers Classifed are excited to see exactly how these shows will pan out and will endeavour to keep you updated on all esports reality shows. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say…

UPDATE: It has been revealed that the prize contract will be with Dire Wolves. The Next Gamer will be sponsored by Intel. You can apply for the competition right here! Good luck!

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