Knights of the Frozen Throne is live people and it’s that time of the expansion where there is no solid meta. All the pro players are streaming non-stop trying to figure out what exactly is the best deck. Here at Gamers Classified we might not be professional players but we give it a good crack. Without any further ado, here are our top 3 Knights of the Frozen Throne decks from the first few days.

Unfortunately, Rogue didn’t get a lot of new tools in Knights of the Frozen Throne (in my opinion). This line up from popular streamer Asmodai managed to hit high legend and is the Miracle Rogue list from Un’Goro but with the addition of Valeera the Hollow. With the help of the Shadow Reflections created by the Death Knight the biggest play would be: draw your deck with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, play double Giants and other cheap spells then make two super buff Edwin VanCleefs. On the mulligan you will always keep your trusty Swashburglar and a Backstab wouldn’t be bad either. Also, try not to draw Patches…

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Professional player Kolento hit Rank 1 Legend with this creation of his. This deck can make a board state out of nothing. Strongshell Scavenger can be absolutely insane in the right circumstances, especially when matched with Death Knight Malfurion. Late game, Ultimate Infestation can just win you the game sometimes, the card is bonkers…

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This isn’t the strongest deck but it is one of my personal favourites at the moment. It’s incredibly fun to play a bunch of demons and then bring them all back with Bloodreaver Gul’dan. This is an anti-aggro deck, so if you are running into a plethora of aggressive decks on ladder then queue up with this bad boy. Defile can be stupid at times, it can easily clear a board of minions for 2 mana but it sometimes takes a beautiful mind-like moment to pull it off.

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There are our top 3 decks from the first taste of Knights of the Frozen Throne. The meta is surely to bounce all over the tavern over the next couple weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for new decks coming through. Let us know if you have any luck with these deck or if you are brewing up something special. I would be interested in seeing a Frost Lich Jaina list if anyone has one. GLHF.

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