CSGO Roster Changes Benchwarmers

The last few weeks have been the closest we will get to an off season for Counter-Strike. Teams have been shaking up their rosters and making some major changes. The infographic below depicts some of the changes from the past month; which players have gone to which teams and who has been benched. Some of the most talked about changes have been friberg stepping down from NiP and joining the analyst desk, GuardiaN and Olof transferring to FaZe as well as Zeus and Kane coming back to NaVi. Long time Cloud 9 players Shroud and N0thing have also been benched to make way for Tarik and RUSH from OpTic. Will this change who your favourite teams are? Who do you think now has the strongest lineup? There may still be more changes and transfers to come our way and if professional Counter-Strike has shown us anything, it’s that anything can happen.

CSGO Roster Changes