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Keanu Reeves to appear in Cyberpunk 2077

Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian-American actor and musician, Cyberpunk 2077 showed up at the E3 2019  Microsoft press conference on Sunday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LembwKDo1Dk  

Dishonored Producers Next Game Is Deathloop

We now why would they put Dishonored to rest! this is the new Assassin base first person game by Arkane ! “The Captain” and “Jules” attempting to kill each other while stuck in a time loop https://youtu.be/MXv5IDp8y74  

Surprise! Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date!

https://youtu.be/aTCmN8TtkgQ Shown towards at an concert and this makes us excited for the date ! March 2020!

Pokémon Sword and Shield to Arrive November 15

During last night's Pokémon Direct livestream, we were treated to more details about the franchise's upcoming Switch title: Pokémon Sword and Shield. And with a release date of November 15, this next instalment is not too far away. We got our first looks at new Pokémon, new battle mechanics and, of course, the new Legendaries - the Internet was quick to memeify these...

Team Liquid takes the lead towards the Intel Grand Slam

Team Liquid takes the lead towards the Intel Grand Slam. Source-Twitter
Over the weekend, Team Liquid was victorious at DreamHack Masters Dallas, making them one step closer to the million dollar Intel Grand Slam prize. Team Liquid managed to beat ENCE in the DreamHack Grand Final in Dallas to not only win them the DreamHack title but also putting them ahead of Astralis in the race for the Intel Grand Slam....

Pokémon Press Conference Announces New Mobile Titles

Yesterday, at a Poké press conference from Shibuya, Japan we got some interesting new Pokémon-related news. From being rewarded for sleeping to allowing us to battle trainers from previous games, some of Pokémon's upcoming titles look to be working towards cementing the franchise in the mobile gaming market. Pokémon Sleep It is hard to find someone who wasn't roped into the...

World of Warcraft Classic Coming this August and WoW 15th Anniversary Details

You won't have to wait too much longer to dive back into the nostalgia of Vanilla WoW because World of Warcraft Classic is launching August 27, 2019. Some players might have already experienced and struggled with Vanilla WoW thanks to its demo last year but WoW Classic will be rolling out its closed beta tests from May 16, to help ready...

ASUS CMO Rex Lee Talks TUF FX505, FX705

ASUS recently launched their TUF gaming FX505 and FX705 laptops. These are entry level gaming laptops which feature many of ASUS's innovative features such as customisation and military-grade durability. ASUS Chief Marketing Officer and APAC General Manager, Rex Lee spoke, with Gamers Classified about the FX505 and FX705 gaming laptops. GC: Both the TUF Gaming FX505 and FX705 laptops have passed...

State of Play May 2019: FFVII Remake, MediEvil and More

State of Play logo with PlayStation on a blue background
Yesterday's State of Play episode wrapped-up in just over 10 minutes and while it was short, it delivered some eagerly anticipated news. Not only did it introduce new PS4 titles, but it made a few Final Fantasy VII very happy.  Final Fantasy VII Remake We've had quite the dry spell of Final Fantasy VII Remake news since it's announcement at E3...

John Wick is Getting its Very Own Video Game

John Wick against neon background holding gun
Freshen up on your gun-fu skills because we will soon be able to take on the role of the renowned hitman and dog-avenger, John Wick, in his very own strategy game: John Wick Hex. The game is currently being directed by the creator of Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bitchell, in collaboration with Lionsgate Games and Good Shepard Entertainment. While we can't...


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