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A.K. Wirru and Giorgia Costumes Talk Patterns at SMASH!

Gamers Classified recently attended SMASH! Sydney's Anime and Manga show. This was a three day event featuring gaming, shopping, competitions, karaoke, workshops and panels. Gamers Classified attended the World Cosplay Championships, Competitions, and Cosplay Panel featuring Giorgia Costumes and A.K. Wirru. Giorgia is a Perth-based cosplayer who has been designing and wearing cosplay costumes since 2003. She has won several...

Bankstown Sports Club Talks Gaming at Supanova

One of the good things about a large pop culture event like Supanova is the strong likelihood that you will run into old friends. While at Supanova Sydney, Gamers Classified met up with Jason Klippel, the Digital Entertainment & AV Manager from Bankstown Sports Club. Our regular readers may remember that we spoke with Jason previously about PZE Bar;...

Author Alex James Talks Repilians at Supanova

Supanova Sydney showcased a lot of creative talent including a strong contingent of authors. One such author was Alex James who is published via Galexy Tales. James is the author of the bestselling novel The Pandora Sequence. When Gamers Classified spoke to him, he was promoting the its sequel, The Pandora Inheritance, which was available for sale for the...

Author C. S. Cooper Talks Writing at Supanova

C. S. Cooper is an Engineer and Independent Author. Gamers Classified was lucky enough to speak with him at Supanova Sydney 2019 about his debut novel, Final Flight of the Ranegr. C. S. Copper told us about the etymology of the name 'Ranegr' and what it was like to independently publish his novel. GC: What can you tell us about...

ArtSHINE Industries Talk Turning Passion into Business at Supanova

Last week saw Supanova Comic Con & Gaming return to Sydney and bring with it a range of shopping, interactive and informative experiences. One of the informative experiences was a seminar hosted by ArtSHINE Industries called ‘How to Turn Your Creativity and Passion into Profit’. This was an hour long talk hosted by ArtSHINE Indsutries’ Co-founders Vinh Van Lam...

Final Fantasy 8 Remaster Incoming

Whatever! as Squall would say, Final Fantasy VIII is getting remastered, Square Enix announced today at E3. It’ll be out this year for PS4/Xbox/PC/Switch. https://youtu.be/wpx2Z2CCjPs  

Keanu Reeves to appear in Cyberpunk 2077

Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian-American actor and musician, Cyberpunk 2077 showed up at the E3 2019  Microsoft press conference on Sunday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LembwKDo1Dk  

Dishonored Producers Next Game Is Deathloop

We now why would they put Dishonored to rest! this is the new Assassin base first person game by Arkane ! “The Captain” and “Jules” attempting to kill each other while stuck in a time loop https://youtu.be/MXv5IDp8y74  

Surprise! Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date!

https://youtu.be/aTCmN8TtkgQ Shown towards at an concert and this makes us excited for the date ! March 2020!

Pokémon Sword and Shield to Arrive November 15

During last night's Pokémon Direct livestream, we were treated to more details about the franchise's upcoming Switch title: Pokémon Sword and Shield. And with a release date of November 15, this next instalment is not too far away. We got our first looks at new Pokémon, new battle mechanics and, of course, the new Legendaries - the Internet was quick to memeify these...


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