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Trailer breakdown: Our take on the new Middle Earth gameplay trailer

While not essential, it’s highly recommended that you watch the trailer before reading this breakdown: https://youtu.be/1ulF-cG090Y Just a day ago, gamers were treated by Monolith games to an alpha-gameplay showcase of their new addition to the Middle Earth franchise, Shadow of War. War seems to be slated as a sequel to their hit Shadow of Mordor, released back in 2014. During this...

GX Australia returns! Gaming and Geek Convention, 29-30 April

Prepare yourselves for another year of friendly fellow-geeks, celebrity panels and inclusive, passionate discussions about all things geek, because GX Australia is coming back to Sydney in 2017. On the 29th of April, for two days, GX Australia will be proudly showcasing all things nerd, with a focus on inclusivity and positive input, which is awesome! After the show's first successful...

Now That It’s Out: 10 Nintendo Switch need-to-knows.

When the world is poised for the release of a new Nintendo console, it’s understandable for consumers to have their hearts in their hands. The last two or three consoles released by the gaming titan have been riddled with quirks, trade-offs and subversions of what to expect from typical consoles. Unlike the release of the more conventional Xbox One and...

Review: Nioh

Japan’s Sengoku period is a melting pot of conflict, where proud care in the crafts of battle means prosperity, and negligence spells doom. In Nioh’s opening hours, it becomes clear why Team Ninja chose to contextualise their brutal new RPG here in feudal Japan. The company’s signature talent for challenging, action-oriented combat feels right at home amidst the time...


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