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The Art of Teabagging in Online Games

Now you probably wouldn't want to search the definition of tea bagging on google as there is likely chance of "not so safe for work" image coming up on your screen, or it coming up on your search history... don't fret, we are going to explain what "teabagging" is all about, Teabagging in online games has become part of an unspoken...

The Gaming Stereotype

So I consider myself a gamer, have been for a long time. Hopefully, I always will be. The first game I ever played was Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo NES, my most recent will be PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (now that I'm finally getting around to building my PC rig), and I've owned almost everything in between. I lost my...

OzHadou Nationals 15 hits Hilton Sydney September 15th!

OHN is back this year for another weekend of fighting game action, pitting pro fighters from across the country against each other for a chance to rank among the nation's best. OHN14 saw over 600 competitors from across the country flock to Sydney's Menzies' Ballroom, where competitors duked it out across 15 different games titles. With Injustice 2 and Tekken...

Meme: MRW Persona 5’s opening syncs perfectly with Cowboy Bebop…


Disabled Gamer “Loop” Receives the Support of the Community and Pro Stream Contract

Adam "Loop" Bahriz is a Pro CS:GO disabled streamer, who often was bullied and trolled for who he was. All he wanted was to receive the same treatment as other players. From the stream, you can see "Loop" doing his roles and duties within a CS:GO match on de_cache. When he started to make calls during a match, the bullies hiding behind...

Global eSports series IEM kicking off season with Australian debut this May.

Global eSports series, the Intel Extreme Masters, will be opening its 12th season in Sydney this coming May, with a prize pool of $260,000, a record-breaking amount for an Australian event. The multinational circuit will be held at the Qudos Bank Arena and will feature some of the best Counter Strike: Global Offensive players in the world. The pooling stages...

Event: Expand Gong 2


Meme: When you get stuck in front of a Bastion…



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