Sonic Force – Our childhood rushing back!

26 years ago Sonic The Hedgehog came out on the Sega Genesis console and it’s hard not to appreciate how far the gaming industry has gone since then. I woke up one day to see this trailer on one of my social media feeds and what can I say? It genuinely triggered my inner child, “Those were the good times”.

What were the good times? A time where we spent more time playing the game than complaining about the bugs it had (I’m guilty of this one guys!) or a time we would physically go to the gaming store, pick up the box and see if its 2 players instead of googling it and buying it on Steam.  The list can go on but the reason I bring up the “good times” is because I suspect a game like Sonic, will be certainly hit by reviews that blast it for not being so original. “This doesn’t quite hit the spot like the original”.

I’ll play this game but with an open mind. Sure if it gives me a funny fuzzy feeling inside serving as a gentle reminder of my childhood than i’ll thank the creators for that! But the reality is that I am so absorbed in massive multiplayer games nowadays that this would be a nice substitute for me as an old time gamer! Lets go Sonic and (Tails?)!!!!

PS. Does anybody remember those comics of Mario beating Sonic to death in the Nintendo Magazines? Comment below if you remember it!

Gaming for life and will continue to do so until they release diablo 4 which is probably never.