The Steam Awards Finalists have been announced

The Steam Awards are back with the final nominees for this year as voting commences very soon.

It wasn’t long ago we were all nominating our favourite games for the Steam Awards, hoping they would make the short list. The finalists have now been announced and we are able to vote from today, the 21st of December here in Australia. Voting will close on January 4th with the winners being announced in February next year.

The following 8 categories have been narrowed down to the top 5 games nominated by you. For Developer of the year, Valve expressed in the announcement that there were so many close calls between all nominations that they extended the finalists to the top 10. They also noted that they removed themselves from that list to focus on all the other great developers featured on Steam.

Nominees for Game of the Year

Nominees for VR Game of the Year

Nominees for Labor of Love

Nominees for Best Environment

Nominees for Better with Friends

Nominees for Best Alternate History

Nominees for Most Fun with a Machine

Nominees for Best Developer

Voting throughout the Steam Winter Sale and exploring your discovery queue each day will grant you with 3 exclusive trading cards. These cards can be used to craft badges for your Steam profile that you can only get during the sale period.

While many of these games were not released this year, they have all certainly had a great year. The specificity of the categories also means that some of your favourites may not have been nominated but Valve always likes to have fun with their awards.

To vote for your favourites visit the Steam store voting page. Which games and/or developers do you think deserve to win? Let us know who you will be voting for!

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