Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an action adventure strategy game by Ubisoft that gained a lot of success with their amiibo styled toys for collectors, however this is all coming to the end – though the main game’s digital content will not. Sadly this morning, Ubisoft and the Starlink Team announced that due to sales below expectation, unfortunately the physical collecting aspect of Starlink Ships, Weapon and Pilots will stop production, with the team focusing on the digital DLC aspects of the project. Nothing big will change for any digital players, however, any new expansions that will be released from here onwards will only have a digital option, with no NFC amiibo type figure along with it.

Source: Starlink Nintendo Trailer

So far, Starlink: Battle for Atlas has put out five pilot packs, six ship packs and four weapon packs, with additional content in all areas with the StarFox expansion set, exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version – so for any collectors out there who might be looking for a complete Starlink Physical set, now is your chance to strike. If so, I highly recommend a checklist from good friend of mine and fellow collector, Scott V. – You can find a copy of his checklist right here. (Just keep in mind that any exclusive store stock will be changed for Australia as the list is set with the American release as a focus.) Starlink: Battle for Atlas is available for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (and, as previously stated, exclusive content in said Switch copy alone,) and can be found in retail stores around Australia right now. As a fellow collector, I highly suggest going out and getting the full set if you ever plan to as soon as possible – they’re sure to be sought after in the near future when stock gets scarce. You can read the full update on Ubisoft’s official Starlink webpage.