Tetris 99 has blown up the internet with Nintendo Switch Online users flooding the servers hosting this multiplayer battle royal Tetris experience. With a game as complexly simple as Tetris, It’s hard to change it, I myself thought they hit the top when they released Puyo Puyo Tetris – then again with Tetris Effect VR, but Nintendo knocked it out of the park with their new Tetris 99. Twitter user, OatmealDome has been digging through the data and codes of Tetris 99 and has found some pretty neat findings. Though nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo (and can be changed or canceled at anytime) it’s cool to see planed modes to attempt to enhance what is already an outstanding game.

While looking through the code of Tetris 99, OatmealDome has discovered three new modes that may or may not be added to the game in future patches. The three modes discovered are ‘Team Battle’, ‘COM Battle’ and ‘Marathon’ seemingly making this online experience available to play offline against a computer.

TEAM BATTLE“Two giant teams clash. Be on the winning side!”
From what we can guess, the game is split into two teams and the better Tetris team wins, if every player will be frantically playing on one board (very doubtful, but that would be insane) or if the 99 players will be split into 49 and 50 – or even if it was 99 players against another 99, we’re not sure… but what we do know is it’s sure to be the mode that adds slight variety to the game.

COM BATTLE – “Battle against 98 bots. Defeat the machines!”
This mode seems to be the same as the normal 99 Mode however, it’s you verses 98 computer players over online players. This mode may be a substitute for anyone itching to play Tetris on the go and not having access to the internet. This mode is possibly to support both 99 Mode and Team Battle Modes.

Like all marathon modes in previous Tetris games, this is a score attack mode which puts you against either seeing how good you are at clearing 200 lines, or playing Endless and really testing your skills of surviving the tetrominoes. According to OatmealDome, achievements will be included in this mode with special events and prizes of some kind that might be given out or unlocked.

Though we can’t officially confirm these leaks, we can hope that something similar does get officially finished and patched into Tetris 99 to change up how we play the game and keep us coming back for more online matches. The base game of Tetris 99 is available to download from the Nintendo Switch eShop without these extra modes as of yet. Keep in mind, to play the current version, you will also need to have a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online Service. Once again, thank you to OatmealDome for their findings.