Teaser trailer for Operation Grim Sky Operator Clash leaked

A trailer was posted on Reddit early this morning that teases one of the new Season 3 operators from operation Grim Sky.

Think full-length shield like Montagne but with the flash ability like Blitz, only it’s more of a shock like Bandit or Twitch and she’s on Defence. That’s Clash.

Reddit user fokov123 posted the 30-second video that shows the Defence operator deploy her shield gadget as it zooms in on her face. The shield pops out like it does with French Attacking Operator, Montagne and covers her entire body. The shock animation seems to indicate an active ability that may have limited charges. This could be similar to fellow French Attacking Operator, Twitch with her drones.

Clash Teaser new operator defens from Rainbow6

The operator appears to be the same character model that can be seen in the reflection of the earlier teaser featuring both of the new operators. It is believed that the American Attacker wields a blowtorch gadget that can possibly cut through reinforced walls. This trailer confirms that the British Defender will be a Shield Operator.

Rainbow Six Siege teases Operation Grim Sky and Season 3 Operators
Rainbow Six Siege teases Operation Grim Sky and Season 3 Operators. Source: Rainbow6.ubisoft

No further information has been revealed for the second operator to be joining Clash in operation Grim Sky. What else we do know about is the rework for Hereford Base, which the Rainbow 6 team have been sharing through blog posts and concept art. The map is now bigger, with many changes to make the map more competitive. Visually, it has also been revamped giving it more personality.

The full reveal of the Season 3 operation is scheduled to take place during the Rainbow 6 Major. You can watch the Major and reveal on the Rainbow 6 Twitch live stream this weekend from August 17th-19th.