Screenshot from Hollow Knight Silksong
(Image Credit: Team Cherry)

Hornet — the princess-protector of Hallownest — is getting her very own game in the upcoming Hollow Knight squeal, Hollow Knight: Silksong. Adelaide-based studio Team Cherry made the Valentine’s Day announcement, revealing that their bug-filled universe would be expanding into an entirely new game.

Originally pitched as a DLC for the original game, Hollow Knight: Silksong apparently evolved into something the developers found deserved the stand-alone status. Hornet takes centre stage in this adventure and according to a recent blog post — she will be exploring a brand new world.

This time around, Hornet has been captured and taken to a new kingdom. In this land she must battle against over 150 new enemies as she traverses forests of coral, mossy grottos and gilded cities — all to reach the citadel that stands at the peak of this world.

In a relaxed run-down of some of Silksong‘s details, Ari Gibson and William Pellen from Team Cherry mention that Silksong is mostly an “inversion on the Hollow Knight theme, which was descent.” But in terms of why Hornet will be ascending in this world, the devs briefly explained it is basically to understand why she has been brought to this realm and the bonds that link her to the characters and the world around her.

A Sequel That Seems to Build Upon its Predecessor 

The game looks to stick with what fans of the original Hollow Knight know and love but introduces new challenges for players and new powers based around Hornet’s character. Once players have finished Silksong, they can tackle ‘Challenge Silk Soul Mode’ if they wish. The mode is intended to “test your skills” and turn the game into a more “unique, challenging experience.”

Silksong Screenshot
(Image Credit: Team Cherry)

Fans of Hollow Knight‘s beautiful orchestral soundtrack will also be happy to know that composer, Christopher Larkin will bringing back his award-winning talent in this next iteration — we even received a little preview of the Silksong theme in its latest trailer.

Hollow Knight: Silksong will be releasing on Windows, Linux, Mac and the Nintendo Switch. Team Cherry briefly noted that while they would love to confirm more platforms for the game at launch, they are a three-person team and are basically trying not to overload themselves at this point.

To keep up to date with more Silksong details, you can head over to its official website and follow Team Cherry on Twitter and Facebook.

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