Tachanka rework could be coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Rumours have flared up once again about a possible rework for the infamous Lord Tachanka.

What started with a tweet from Siege YouTuber Snedger, quickly had players buzzing about the future of the most underused Operator. The Lord Tachanka meme that has encompassed the Russian Operator for a long time now has been declared dead. It may have already been dead for a while for many players who just wanted him buffed to become viable again. The fact that Ubisoft even added a Knight outfit for him, jumping on the meme bandwagon, seemed to be a sign that he would never be fixed.

However, Community Developer for Rainbow Six Siege, Craig Robinson, joined the replies to Snedger’s tweet. Most of which were agreeing that the meme, in fact, is dead. Robinson also agreed and stated that he feels like he had a good run. Snedger then replied to Robinson’s Tweet saying ‘He did, Bless him, he’s just a weak old man now.’ But here is where it gets juicy. Robinson has the last word by replying with ‘Indeed. Not forever though!’ which sent fans into a frenzy. Could this mean a rework is on its way? If Tachanka is not to remain a weak old man forever then a buff could certainly do the trick.

Robinson did not confirm anything further than this so all speculation is just that.

However, this did not stop fans from discussing the possible outcome of a Tachanka rework. The 3 Armour, 1 Speed Operator is considerably slow as is to be expected. He is also often anchored to the site thanks to his mounted LMG. A buff to his shield to counter his lack of mobility has been suggested by players. As well as the ability to pick up the LMG once placed and move it around the site for a better angle. Ubisoft could also completely recreate him from scratch which has also been rumoured. It will be interesting to see what Ubisoft could do with the lord, should they do anything at all.

Year 3 is coming to a close with Year 4 coming up fast. With the supposed new Australian operators already leaked, the new year could also bring a brand new Tachanka. Let us know what you think a rework could include or what else might be coming in the new Season.