For gamers in uni, LoL Battlegrounds is the event on the calendar – ‘Gaming Christmas,’ if you will – but for students who enjoy anything else, you gotta deal with blue balls.

Four of Sydney’s largest universities; UNSW, MACQ, UTS & USYD will find themselves head to head in the finals this weekend hosted live at Wangyu Internet Cafe. Veterans slugging away at the championship title after years in uni – and plucky young first years trying to rapidly climb the ranks – will find themselves butting heads over a prize pool worth $2,000+


This weekend will see the winners of last weeks online qualifiers Joshua Kishore (UTS) vs James Chen (GA) and Emily Cai (MQU) vs Noah Woods (UTS) go head-to-head in a battle of skill, strategy, and logical thinking; it’s bloody intense, believe me. These guys have assembled their teams in a chance to dominate the virtual field. They had to make it through the online qualifiers before they could even think about competing in the Offline Semifinals and Grand Finals this weekend, where there will be even more hunger to win.


As anyone who enjoys a game of league, yet has little to no tolerance for the online community, this event will be a breath of non-toxic League community air (no keyboard warriors here). I am outright jazzed at the prospect of seeing a community full of gamers like these guys, from novice to grizzled ancients, this weekend is definitely going to be ideal.

At this point I’ve most likely already convinced you go come, so whatever you’re vibing, defs come down, because I forgot to mention… THERE’S GIVEAWAAAAAYS! Every day until Sunday! Keep up to date on their Facebook Page and find out more!

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