Kingdom Hearts III is an action RPG set in the Disney and Final Fantasy worlds which has you travel to Disney lands and solve their woes with your keyblade in hand while trying to take down the heartless and restore any stolen hearts to the world. Kingdom Hearts III was, with no doubt, a huge success, and long awaited sequel and conclusion to the Kingdom Hearts: Xehanort Trilogy. With great success comes great merchandising opportunities, and Japanese clothing company SuperGroupies took that chance to make a limited clothing range based off a few main characters. SuperGroupies is currently offering jackets, jumpers, bags, wallets and accessories themed after five main Kingdom Hearts characters – Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas and Axel. These items have been lovingly made to resemble the character’s style, all tied up with that Disney flare and quality for die-hard Kingdom Hearts fans to own something truly limited and special, not to mention at the peak of Japanese fashion.

Source: SuperGroupies Website

The clothing is all officially licensed by Kingdom Hearts and Disney – and shipping worldwide, however, you might need some deep pockets to pick up more than one item. The pricing generally ranges from approximately $50 AUD for the small items (such as the cases, wallets and similar small accessories) to $270 AUD for some of the bigger items (such as the watches, jackets and trench coats) but with that in mind, they are very high quality, official merchandise – and a nice line to wear if you have the spare cash. If you are interested in picking something up from the line, or seeing everything on offer, you can do so on the SuperGroupies Website. Just keep in mind that everything is written in Japanese and items are strictly limited to set amounts, so act fast if you desperately want an item.