How many times can a Reinhardt be crowd controlled? Do you want to keep up with who is being stunned, frozen, hacked and slept in an Overwatch League game? Well, according to reddit user XTeKoX, Overwatch’s spectator mode is introducing a new UI feature allowing viewers to see status effects.

The new feature is currently live on the Overwatch PTR (Patch 1.32) and there has been some speculation that the update may be lining up with the launch of Overwatch League Season Two, next month.

The change will not only make it easier to see who McCree flashbangs but it will make life a bit simpler for Overwatch’s shoutcasters. Hopefully, it will allow for more accurate casting in some of the game’s hectic moments.

Besides this, Patch 1.32 is also bringing some other updates to the game.

3rd Person Perspective

Currently available on the PTR, you can now spectate a match in 3rd person mode. While looking over another player’s shoulder as they snipe the enemy Widow, spectators will be getting up close and personal with all the action.

Voice Lines While Spectating

Tired of hearing character voice lines over and over while watching a match? It looks like the game’s setting will include a feature that allows players to enable or disable voice lines when spectating games.

Kill Feed Changes

Thank to Twitter user Naeri, we were given some insight into some of the changes coming to Overwatch’s kill feed.

D.Va’s Defense Matrix will now be shown on the kill feed when it absorbs enemy ultimates.

Shown in the comparison between Patch 1.31 and 1.32 in Naeri’s tweet, destructible items in the game, such as Junkrat’s RIP-Tire and D.Va’s Mech, will appear smaller in the feed. So, players may soon find it easier to see the difference between item kills and actual enemy kills.

Finally, there is some good news for players who like to win the game by frantically punching the enemy. In the next patch, melee kills will also show up visually in the kill feed.

Are you happy to see these changes? Is there anything else that you want put into the game in 2019?

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