Source: Stardew Valley

After a month in beta, Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update has finally been released.

The update has added not only multiplayer, but also a slew of new content that can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

Here are some of the highlights.


Unsurprisingly, the biggest part of the multiplayer update is the addition of multiplayer.

Up to four players can now play together on a new or existing farm over LAN or online. In order to join a farm, the host player needs to build cabins on their farm.

These operate the same as the house, and can even be fully upgraded. The only real difference is how they look and the ability to place cabins almost anywhere on your farm.

Its important to note though that only the host will be able to access the farm in single player.

New Quests

While not the biggest part of the game, quests in Stardew Valley help players earn some gold and learn more about the Valley and its residents.

This latest update has added a few more quests with some more easy to find then others.

One quest, which can only be found in winter will unlock the magnifying glass. This tool can be used on other new content added in the update.

The Night Market

The Market is the newest festival to come to Stardew Valley, and it features new items to buy and some new activities to try.

Along with the travelling merchant, a bunch of other merchants come to the Valley to sell their wares, including seeds and new furniture and decorations.

For those of you who enjoy fishing or simply need to complete their collection, for 1000g you can go down on a submarine to fish in the depths.

Keep in mind that the Night Market is the only festival in which time continues to pass, so don’t stay out too late.



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