Space Channel 5 is one of the legacy SEGA I.P.’s that originally found it’s way home to the Dreamcast in December of 1999. The rhythm based ‘funky action’ game follows the story of Ulala, a reporter for Space Channel 5 as she discovers a little bit too much to bite off while going in for the biggest scoop – and dancing her way to the top, saving civilians and defeating enemies (in dance battles of course!) Team Grounding, the developers behind the upcoming HTC Vive & PSVR sequel, Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! have asked fans of the series from around the world to help them track down the original voice of Ulala, Apollo Smile. So far, there has been no luck, but hopefully with enough eyes on the topic, someone who knows Apollo can help her get in touch with Team Grounding. Apollo Smile (also known as Paula Anne Scharf-Daily) is a singer, songwriter, voice actor, media personality and dance teacher that made it big in the 1990’s with her music, and for being known as the ‘Live Action Anime Girl‘. As mentioned before, she has voiced Ulala since the first game with her last credit for the voice being in 2012 for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing: Transformed.

Apollo regularly attended events, such as Comic-Con, but seemingly stopped after 2012, heading back to her home town of Guilford, Connecticut to spend more time with family. To this day, Team Grounding are still looking for her, trying to get her into their game – However, they already have an ‘Ulala’ seemingly cast in the trailer- Cherami Leigh took the lead role, with her voice work already completed and touched up. What Team Grounding have planned for Apollo Smile if they do find her is currently unknown, but I personally would love her V.O. unlockable for post game replays. So far, the game is approximately 40% complete, so we still have a while to go before the final product hits. Hopefully, the community can help find Apollo and get her back in the game before time runs out. If you have any information on where to contact Apollo Smile you can email Team Grounding directly at [email protected]. Be sure to visit the official Space Channel 5 VR website and follow Team Grounding on social media for any more discoveries in this story.