Earlier today, Nintendo surprised us all by dropping a brand new Mini Smash Direct that included some incredible content. The rumors were true, the new 3.0 Update will include Joker, but that’s not all, the direct showed off rather a bit more than we were all expected. Joker now joins the fight with Arsene, his persona, with both a knife and a gun for high action gameplay. (I’d be here all day describing his moveset, so I’ll spare you my sheer excitement, but if you would like to find out everything to do with his moveset, the Smash Direct went over it quite in depth.) But that’s not all, also included is the Persona themed stage, Mementos – which has a hidden feature that changes the background and main color of the stage depending on which of the new eleven persona music tracks you set to play on the stage. The final thing that Joker adds is a new Classic Mode Route and a brand new section of the Spirit Board.

The 3.0 update also includes new costumes for the Mii Fighers and some really nice ones are included in this first Challengers Pack. The first one’s to download include the Persona 3 Protagonist Outfit (who specializes in Sword play), Persona 4 Protagonist Outfit (who also specializes in Sword play), a Teddie Hat and a Morgana Hat from the Persona Series – on top of that as a bonus, you’ll also get access to a Tails Costume (who specializes in the Gunner ability) and Knuckles Costume (who specializes in the Brawler type) from Sonic the Hedgehog series. All of the Mii Fighter costumes will be included in the DLC Update, or can be purchased separately for around $1 AUD within the next day.

The final main thing shown off in the mini direct was the previously teased Stage Builder Mode. Handheld mode draw, just like the Wii U. You can now create a stage with moving and even spinning platforms. The stage builder is set into three layers – front, back and the play-field, so now you can create background effects and displays without them interfering in your battles. The new Video Editor Mode, which has you editing videos of your battles together, in which you can can even make a story with using subtitles and transitions If you get creative – but why would you make a video for no one to see? Well, Nintendo has you covered by added a Shared Content Mode which has you watching videos, downloading or uploading Mii Fighter builds or even player built stages – really bringing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to the best it can be.

Smash Bros. World is a new section of the Nintendo Online Mobile App that let’s you voice chat while in game of Smash, let’s you check in game notifications, view suggested videos, stages and Mii build, organize spirit teams and cue the item selected on your phone to connect with your main game for later use. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update 3.0 will be available very soon (April 17th, 2019 – US Time) and all the DLC content will be automatically unlocked if you already own the Fighters Pack. It’s a big improvement for the game and I personally can’t wait to sink my teeth into playing some more Smash Bros.