I was just made aware of an amazing product that seems to slip past most of the retro community thanks to Dan of Slopes Game Room, that product being Retro Electro Models‘ mini Mega Drive (Genesis) replicas. These tiny 1:2:3 scale replicas are made to look exactly a Mega Drive, even down the mini controller, A copy of Sonic the Hedgehog, a tiny cart that can slot into the model, replica Mega Drive box and information sheet – Wow, what a package. As to the disappointment of some, I’m sure, this mini console won’t play games and purely only for display purposes- This I’m 100% okay with, since all of my mini consoles are used as displays (as I’d rather play the original carts that I happen to own on original hardware in glorious SCART.) This would fit in with anyone’s collection, especially if they love SEGA as much as I do and want to share that love with the world.

Source: Dan (DJ Slope) at the London Gaming Market

Not only are they fully licensed official SEGA products, but better yet, you can purchase one right now… well, sort of. The mini display Mega Drive 1:2:3 Scale is limited to 2,000 copies and can be bought for £34.99 or about $65 AUD (free shipping to UK with £3.00 shipping to the rest of Europe – around $5.50 AUD.) Sadly, straight from their website, they can only ship to UK, Europe, Middle-East and Africa, with more places being the plan in the future – however, if you are as excited and would like your own copy on such a low number, I’m sure there are many shipping providers than can re-direct the package to you. A big thank you to Dan of Slopes Game Room for informing me of this amazing product – I’ll be looking forward to the other consoles they’ll eventually bring out in the future.