If you love Nintendo, or know someone on the internet who loves Nintendo, than you have probably heard a lot about the legend that is Reggie Fils-Aimé. Reggie has decided to retire – and step down from his role as President at Nintendo of America to pursue a family life in mid April. Reggie has left a strong impression of many Nintendo fans during his run and has inspired and encouraged many people to have fun with Nintendo, not only in the literal sense, but embracing the internet culture with quotes like ‘My Body is Ready!’.

To many gamers, Reggie feels like an old friend, as we’ve watched him grow and slowly fit into the shoes of President of Nintendo over his 15 years at Nintendo. With a sad ‘farewell’, we say hello to a promising new President soon to start his new position, Doug Bowser. Doug has worked as the Head of Sales & Marketing at Nintendo of America for the last 4 years and seems to be the perfect new fit for Reggie’s successor. He’s passionate about games and looks to have the same light sense of humor, I can only welcome him as warmly as anyone else can- and wish him the best for when he starts.

Saying goodbye after 15 years isn’t always easy, but it looks like things won’t be too sad after all. Reggie Fils-Aimé has inspired many gamers with his carefree seeming attitude and constant poking and teasing about Mother 3 and we will all dearly miss him. At the same time, though Reggie was a big part of some of the best Nintendo Directs and always made E3 Presentations more enjoyable, I welcome Doug Bowser with open arms and can’t wait to see his personality given the chance to shine- and wish him all the best as his new job as President at Nintendo of America.