New Rainbow Six Siege Operators leaked for Season Two

Ahead of the next season of Rainbow Six Siege, the names of the next operators have been leaked.

Once again thanks to resetera user Kormora, we know a little bit more about the season two operators. As the same user who leaked the since very much confirmed Australian operators from this season, it is likely these leaks are also accurate.

According to the post, the season two operators will be Danish and American Secret Service operators, female and male respectively. As the Year 4 Roadmap, revealed at the Six Invitational, confirms these countries for season two, we are on the right track.

Rainbow 6 Year 4 Roadmap
Rainbow 6 Year 4 Roadmap. Source:

The resetera description given is as follows:

“The Danish Frogman attack operator is called Nökk while the Secret Service defence operator is called Warden.

Here’s a vague description of them: Warden looks exactly as you’d imagine for Secret Service, has the suit and tie plus kevlar while Nökk looks extremely cute and will probably be a new fan favourite.

For a Season 3 tease: Defenders will now have a good reason to reinforce hatches on the same floor as them hehe”

As for the following season, speculation followed the claim that defenders may need to reinforce hatches. Could it be an operator with the ability to climb through hatches from below? Will Fuze be getting a buff where he can send his breach charge through the hatch above?

The gadgets for the season two operators were also leaked some time ago from the same resetera user:

“Danish attacker is invisible to cameras and has a sort of silent step similar to Cav

Secret Service defender has a special eyesight that bypasses flashes and smokes.”

The Danish attacker, Nökk, sounds like she will be a Caveira and Vigil hybrid but on the attacking side. Whereas Warden, the Secret Service operator, sounds like a defending Glaz.

What do you think of these leaked operators? Year 4 pass holders will gain early access to these operators when they drop with the next season. All players can, however, try them out on the test server in the lead up to the start of season two.