Australian retailer Peter Alexander (most known for lounge and sleepwear) have been in the business of releasing high quality clothing since the 90’s. To this day, they are well known in the public for their branding and quality. Very recently, Peter Alexander has acquired the license to make and release Nintendo themed clothing and they didn’t shy off making an expanded set to sell to the public.

Peter Alexander haven’t broken the seal for obscure characters, with the main focus being on Mario and Donkey Kong, but they do brand out slightly with characters like Princess Peach and Yoshi, with other characters such as Toad and Bowser on group shots and collage themed items. As mentioned before, they specialize in Lounge and Sleepwear, so most of this collection reflects that with Slippers, Sleep Hoodies, Pajama Pants, Onsies and things of that nature. However, they do have a few odd items such as Briefs, Boxers, Slippers and T-Shirts (which could all debatably be sleepwear as well.) Sizes range from Toddler to Adult and everything in between, with the only thing that stays consistent is that brand name that might be a little bit too expensive for a standard Shirt with Mario’s face on it.

None the less, Peter Alexander is expanding the pool of official merchandise for those who want high quality sleepwear of their favorite characters, easily accessible and exclusive to Australia at the moment. With products ranging from roughly $40 AUD to $100 AUD, they’re not cheap or the right pick for everyone, but they are officially produced and unique merchandise to a beloved series and a must for die hard fans. If you’re interested in picking up some of the Peter Alexander Nintendo Merchandise, you can do so on their Game On Collection here and if you wanted to check out more models wearing the clothing with well themed sets, you can browse through the promotional photos here.