PAX is more than just playing and showcasing video games, it is also about discussing the ins and outs of what goes inside the gaming industry and what drives creators to make some of the best titles to come.

PAX hosted a STEM video game challenge with winners discussing their games with prominent figures in the video game industries. The panel included Emre Deniz (CEO, Opaque Space), Laura Crawford (Lecturer, Games and Interactivity/ Industry Engagement, Swinburne University) and Ross Symons (CEO, Big Ant).

Laura Crawfield (Left), Ross Symons (Middle) and Emre Deniz (Right)

The panel had discussed a number of topics, one of the major ones being getting children into STEM subjects as education for children is evolving constantly. A Teacher had asked how the STEM industry can support teachers to facilitate in providing the best lessons for children. Ross had stated that there weren’t a lot of Australians working in the STEM industry in the first place and that many teachers needed to be qualified to teach coding.

Ross highlighted that the video game industry in Australia is small, even pointing out that the likelihood of being a pro footballer is more likely than a coder for video games. The panel had also stressed that just because you play a lot of video games, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be prepared to make good video games as it requires a plethora of skills needed.

The topic discussed above by the Panelists is an important part for the gaming industry in Australia. While there is certainly a gaming culture in Australia, there isn’t a lot of presence of Australian developers relative to other countries like the US, China and Japan. As technological education including coding is gaining traction in Australia, there is no doubt we can expect prospective game developers for the next few generations.

Do you think that Australia needs to be more proactive in their approach to the technological education for children? How do you think it will affect the industry years from now?

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