This weekend, Gamers Classified had the chance to try-out Necrobarista, an upcoming cinematic visual novel from development team, Route 59. Inspired by anime and film, Necrobarista is said to be a unique take on the visual novel medium. Developer behind the game, Kevin Chen had some time to speak with us at PAX AUS, offering some insight into the game, slated for release in 2019.

Gamers Classified: Hello everyone I’m here with Kevin Chen, the developer behind Necrobarista.

Kevin: Hello!

GC: Hi! Nice to meet you. All right, so what can you tell us about this game? 

Kevin: So, Necrobarista is a visual novel set in a magical Melbourne cafe where the dead come back for one last night and one last cup of coffee.

GC: This game talks about obviously the dead and some paranormal element and it’s set in Melbourne, was this inspired at all by the kind of people you see early morning getting a cup of coffee?

Kevin: Very much, very much so. Like we often joke like this is basically everyday Melbourne anyway, even with the ghosts coming back to life. But yeah, I think the biggest impulse behind Necrobarista is the fact that you don’t really see many games set in modern Australia like at all. You have a lot of games like Ty the Tasmanian Tiger or that kind of Crocodile Dundee style – like Outback Australia, but you don’t really have any I guess non-stereotyped Australian settings and we really want to do something that was set in what we know as everyday life.

Necrobarista is described as a suspense story in contemporary Melbourne

GC: So, I noticed that the game has multilingual support can you tell us what languages are included?

Kevin: So, the game will be coming out launch day in English, Traditional and some Applied Chinese, as well as Japanese.

GC: So, if people wanted to maybe purchase the game or stay in touch with Route 59, how can they do that?

Kevin:  So, you can follow us @route59games on Twitter. Otherwise, just add us on your wishlist on Steam. The game’s coming out early 2019 for Steam, PC and Mac and then later we will be porting it to Nintendo Switch and the PS4.

GC: Kevin Chen, thank you very much for your time.

Kevin: Thank you.

If you want a sample of the visuals in Necrobarista, make sure to check out their trailer below:

For those wanting to try out Necrobarista at PAX AUS this weekend, head over to the Indie Rising area where Route 59 will be previewing the game over the entire weekend. For more information on the game, you can also have a look at Necrobarista’s official website.


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