OHN is back this year for another weekend of fighting game action, pitting pro fighters from across the country against each other for a chance to rank among the nation’s best.

Confirmed featured games so far.

OHN14 saw over 600 competitors from across the country flock to Sydney’s Menzies’ Ballroom, where competitors duked it out across 15 different games titles. With Injustice 2 and Tekken 7 slated for release before September, 2017’s OHN is shaping up to be be the biggest yet.

This year, it has been confirmed that we will see these two new-release titles, plus, of course, Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros. IV, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. OzHadou states there will be more games announced in the coming months before the event.

To any serious fighting game competitor, this year’s Nationals look to be a place where gamers can not only flex and temper their competitive muscles, but can also earn prestige and ranking both to the national and international fighting game community. OzHadou themselves state of the event, “OHN is a major event on the Australian fighting game tournament calendar.”

For 15 years, OzHadou have been the driving organisational force behind OHN, but the community’s first and foremost goal, since their inception in 2001, has always been to help promote the Australian Street Fighter scene and expand and enrich the global fighting game community.

The Hilton Sydney Ballroom

OzHadou also run the fantastic York Street Battles, a community-driven tournament event, the last of which was a qualifier for the upcoming Bam9. As with most smaller events, YSB featured a range of activities, from the intense, rank-building matches, to causal, community building casual matches.

The most recent YSB even saw a familiar face, Kevin “BKSama” Nguyen, the winner of Expand Gong 2‘s Street Fighter Circuit. He ended up placing third last week, but has, in past event’s taken home the gold for SFV. You can check out full-coverage, with a short interview with the man himself here.

As the details progress, you can be sure we’ll keep this preview poised for updates. Until then, you can check out OHN15’s social media page for the latest updates, or suss out OzHadou’s website for the latest in the Sydney-scene’s upcoming events.

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