Changes coming with Operation Wind Bastion to Rainbow Six Siege

Operation Wind Bastion is just around the corner, with operator teasers already dropped and some updates coming to the Test Server tomorrow.

Season 3 of Year 3 is coming to a close as we gear up for the last season of the year. It feels like just yesterday we were introduced to Clash and Maverick with Operation Grim Sky and now we have two more Operators heading our way. Kaid and Nomad were teased by Ubisoft earlier this month along with their gadgets. The new map, Fortress, will also be available for players to try out tomorrow on the Rainbow 6 Test Server.


The newest Defender joining the Rainbow 6 ranks is Kaid. His gadget, ‘Rtila’ Electroclaw, brings a new counter to the current meta. A combination of Bandit and Ela’s gadgets, the throwable claw can attach to walls, hatches and even deployable shields. Once attached, the Electroclaw will electrify the reinforced surfaces much like Bandit’s Shock Wire. The throwable mechanic that allows Kaid to attach it to Reinforced hatches makes for a direct Hibana counter. This leaves the defending team much less vulnerable to vertical play. Kaid is equipped with three claws at the beginning of the round.


Operation Wind Bastion - Kaid Loadout
Operation Wind Bastion – Kaid Loadout. Source: rainbow6.ubisoft


The second operator and newest attacker is Nomad. Her gadget, the Airjab launcher, makes the bad men fly. The custom rifle attachment fires Airjab repulsion grenades that detonate when an enemy comes within range. These grenades disorientate the enemy but do not do any damage. Nomad can be used as a counter against defending roamers who may attempt to catch attackers off guard. Nomad is equipped with four of these grenades at the start of the round.


Operation Wind Bastion - Nomad Loadout
Operation Wind Bastion – Nomad Loadout. Source: rainbow6.ubisoft

The new map, set in the southern region of Morrocco, will be available for players to jump into on the Technical Test Server (TTS) tomorrow. Other changes coming to the TTS include some balancing fixes. Operators with throwable gadgets will be getting a throw trajectory that will allow for further throw distance and will more comfortable for players to use.

Some Operators also have some updates coming to their loadouts. Mute will have the SMG-11 added to his secondary options, giving him some more versatility. Clash is also getting a buff where her electric damage will be increased from 3 to 5 damage per tick. Zofia, however, is getting a nerf in the form of losing one of her concussion grenades, so she is now down to 2.

Let us know what you think of the new operators and the new map, as well as the other changes that will make their way to the Test Server tomorrow.