Spectre Rising
Source: Activison

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s latest season, Operation Spectre Rising, finally dropped the other day and with it came a lot  of new content to try out.

What’s New in this Operation?

Specialist Spectre

The update introduces a new Blackout and Multiplayer Specialist called Spectre. This assassin is a character who wields the Shadow Blade — a katana that allows Spectre to not only slash at opponents but also enter third-person, gaining a field-of-view to detect enemies nearby. Spectre also has access to a smoke grenade that help reveal opposing Specialists and create cover for a stealthy kill.

Multiplayer Maps and Modes

Black Ops Pass holders have access to three new Multiplayer maps, including: Masquerade, Artifact, and WMD. But Multiplayer will also be receiving new game modes — Prop Hunt and Capture the Flag.

Bonuses to Blackout 

Blackout’s Wetworks Map is also receiving an update, leaving players “flooded” with new ways to traverse the map. Not only will more weapons and equipment be introduced in this battle royale mode but new characters are set to be available to play as well over the duration of the Operation.

Plus, Blackout players are able to try out the new game mode, Bounty Hunter, right now. The mode tasks players with finding beacons of light that hold Spectre Stashes which contain Spectre-specific items and those who find the Shadow Blade will transform the player into Spectre. The players with the most kills will be marked as targets that only Spectre will see. Supply drops will be given to those who take down the target or those with bounties that survive. Additional modes, Ground War and Down But Not Out will also be available to play later on in the Operation.

Zombies and Werewolves

The first Gauntlet for Dead of the Night to arrive in this update has been dubbed, Super Blood Wolf Moon. Players will need to survive against werewolves during the “be-were” round. But according to developer Treyarch, more Gauntlets are on their way.

Some changes are also coming to Elixirs. As the new Classic Elixir Restock feature will see empty Elixir slots filled with a Classic Elixir that is chosen at random.

Source: Activision

While the update is currently only available on PS4, both Xbox One and PC will be receiving the new content in the near future. But if you want to stay up-to-date with Call of Duty content, head over to the game’s official website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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