OlliOlli: Switch Stance by Roll7 is a skateboarding game along the same line as Happy Wheels and the Trials Series, tricky to master, but skillful when you get the hang of it. This two pack combines the original game, OlliOlli and it’s sequel, OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood. How does this two pack (and each of it’s games) hold up today?

OlliOlli: The Original

OlliOlli was a 2014 indie game released on almost every single platform. It plays much like a 2D Tony Hawk game, with each level been short and sweet. The aim of OlliOlli is to make it to the end of the level without crashing, while performing as many tricks and grinds as you can along the way. The graphics of OlliOlli are heavily inspired by old pixel games, in a tasteful way, making each heavy crash feel that much more brutal every time you scuff up your clothing. During my time re-playing the game for the Switch, I found myself struggling to do any tricks at first – and barely making it to the end, to blasting through levels and objectives while looking stylish doing it. OlliOlli is the type of game where you say ‘One More Time’ after crashing hard in a very pick up and play way.

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

OlliOlli2 picks up where OlliOlli left off, with the same game mechanics, but presenting flashier smooth graphics. If you prefer the graphics of the original or it’s sequel all depends on tastes, but for me, the extra details of the backgrounds and how smooth everything feels, makes this game look and seem more fluid to me – making it my ideal choice. I’m not sure if it was me just getting better at the game, but I felt like the controls in the sequel were more lenient with me jumping straight from the first one (not being able to perform certain tricks) to being able to pull them off with ease in the second. It’s possible that the timing in the OlliOlli2 gives you more space for error, as I really felt like I was in more control. OlliOlli2 has the same gameplay with new objectives as the first game of making your way to the end of a level while pulling of tricks, but ads in extra set pieces that really make levels stick out from one another and held my attention a little bit more than it’s predecessor.

OlliOlli is great for the pick up and play nature of the Switch for grinding sessions in short bursts, on a bus ride home from work or when you only have a few moments of free time. It’s a great addition to anyone’s Switch library and will be a game that I’ll have on my home screen at all times, ready to just give it ‘one more try.’ The more time you spend with it, the more fun you’re sure to have. You can pick up OlliOlli: Switch Stance on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now.