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  • New Walking Dead Game Theatrical trailer shown
  • The Trailer introduced Maya, a new playable character
  • The Game is set to be released in late 2018

A trailer was dropped earlier in the morning for Overkill’s The Walking Dead, a new game from the makers of the Payday franchise, with the rights to the ever popular The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is a story-rich brand, made popular through a long Comic series and two TV shows run by Television Production Studio AMC.

Originally announced in 2014 with a Reveal Trailer, Overkill software has now been working at the title for 4 years, partnering with Skybound, the company behind The Walking Dead and spearheaded by Robert Kirkman, and 505 Games, notable for taking on the Halo franchise in recent releases.

I’ve always welcomed content from Overkill’s hard working hands as positive, and despite not always liking it, I’ve appreciated it being community centred and there in the first place. But this time I’m a little more picky.

This game has been in development for four years now, finally having an official release date, and even now the System Requirements are ‘TBD’ on the Game’s official Steam Page.

Even more than that, in conception the game is really late to the punch.

‘OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is a four-player co-op multiplayer FPS action game set in Washington, D.C. as an outbreak brings the dead back to life. In this test of strategy and endurance, players will band together with up to three friends on a variety of missions and raids, securing supplies and survivors to strengthen their base camp against the threat of both the dead and the living – by any means necessary’. 

Via Overkill’s The Walking Dead on Steam

Firstly, that’s eerily similar to Left for Dead, a staple of CO-OP releases in the past decade, and a testament to the quality of experience that Valve brought to the table when they developed games.

Via Overkill’s The Walking Dead on Steam

Secondly, this is The Walking Dead we’re talking about. Typically with Zombie games, gameplay is shaken up by diversity in enemy types, map design and through team-based action.

Overkill has said that the playable characters have ‘skill trees, squad roles, play styles and background stories’, but can Gamers be hyped about any other aspect of the game yet?

So far the only things map related that have been announced have been concept art, and that’s few and far between on its own.

Via Overkill’s The Walking Dead on Steam

Thirdly in The Walking Dead, there’s only one type of Zombie. So immediately the diversity in a Zombies game is at an impasse. Will the game solely be shaken up by hordes of Zombies and occasionally enemies with guns, sometimes with varied levels of armour? My interest in this is if Overkill’s planning to diverge from the Series’ norms – this seems like it could be for the best.

The Walking Dead has always found popularity through its unique narrative and story exploration, especially through the Comics and through the Telltale releases, but can we expect a Zombie Shooter in 2018 to deliver a narrative like they could?

Past that, would we even care? I’ve already covered my thoughts on narratives in Games, but could Overkill deliver a game with invigorating gameplay that makes players come back for more? My hope is that Overkill will take on board the approaches they used for Payday in the development of this game, but there’s little to be confirmed.

More is to be announced, up to the currently announced release date of ‘Fall 2018’ – so the end of the year for Aussies.

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