EA’s Need For Speed franchise is one of the most popular street racing titles to date. The new title Need For Speed: Payback will deliver high octane action, car customization and a narrative told in the perspective of three protagonists: Tyler, Mac and Jess.

• Need For Speed: Payback – Out November 10
• The new Need for Speed title – A cross between GTA and Fast & Furious?
• The new addition to the series seems to go off track a bit from what we know Need for Speed to be. Whether
this is a welcome change depends…

After watching the new Need for Speed: Payback trailer, you may or may not have thought “Fast and Furious”. The first thing we see in the trailer is an intense chase after a cargo truck which goes from 0 to 100 in about point two seconds. The trio of three: Tyler, Mac and Jess fight against “The House.” A syndicate that pulls all the strings in the city of Fortune Valley, even manipulating casinos and cops. What follows is a short montage showing off both the luxury sports and high performance cars as well as the amazing graphics.

As mentioned previously, players will assume the perspective of three characters throughout the game rather than the traditional anonymous character that never speaks. This could open up a new style of game play where you will be able to choose who to control and ultimately the role that you will you play. Payback will also provide players with a renewed emphasis on car customization which a lot fans will be happy to hear.

Although the new title looks promising, whether or not it will be considered a good game really depends. If we look back on Need for Speed: Underground to Payback, the series has evolved significantly from straight up street races, to what appears to be a Fast & Furious turned video game. Will players enjoy this cinematic and story driven change? Will EA keep its roots of racing games? And will we see some out of car game play? It can be difficult to connect with characters and immerse yourself in the story if all the game play takes place in a car.

Need for Speed: Payback will be out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 10th, however EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will have early access to the game with 10 hours of game play on the 2nd of November. With E3 getting closer and closer we can definitely expect to see Payback make an appearance. And hopefully we’ll be able to see more game play and take a deeper look into the story.


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