A few days ago while scrolling through twitter, I came across a life-sized Crash Bandicoot made by Nazegoreng, a plush and replica designer from Queensland and was blown away by all of the work she’s produced in the past. From Suicune to Spyro, everything on display is truly breathtaking and I highly suggest checking out all you can! If you have the spare change, at certain times a year, Naz will accept commissions for extreamly decent prices – so why not throw some coins in her direction.

Three stand out pieces for me are the Crash Bandicoot replica, standing at 5′ tall taking a whopping 700hrs to make over six months – the majestic Shiny Raikou, at 10″ tall, Naz really captured everything about Raikou here and made them a reality – and of course, the Trico replica at 16″ tall and 26″ long which took over 400hrs to make- all with individually placed feathers. It really does look like all these models where ripped straight out of their games and placed in real life – I can still barely comprehend that they’re physical art pieces.

I had the pleasure of briefly speaking to Naz about her work, and here’s what she had to say;

A.J.: One thing I’m extreamly interested in, is when you started making these plush and replicas and what your favourite piece to work on has been so far?
Naz: I started making plush during university in 2013. From there it overtook my part time job and I have been making plush for a living ever since. My favourite work I’ve made so far was the Trico I made in 2017. I adore that character and making him really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I knew that I could make more than just plush after making him.
A.J.: Utterly amazing, one more thing, what is one of your future goals – what are you looking forward to in the future of making replica and plush?
Naz: I’m hoping to eventually make pieces for studios or license owners.

An extremely big thank you to Nazegoreng for all she’s done so far and will continue to do in the future. If you would like to follow her work, you can do so on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I wish Naz the best for the future and hope she’ll get to live her dreams sooner, rather than later.