Grand Theft Auto V player has house raided over hack

We’ve all been tempted to cheat at a game at some point, but no one would expect their house to be raided for it. That’s exactly what happened to Melbourne man, Christopher Anderson, on the morning of September 25th, and actions have since been taken against him.

Reported on Thursday by the ABC, the man created a mod-menu for the game. The Infamous mod-menu, created by Anderson, works under many aliases. Anderson developed and distributed the software, which allowed players to have a list of cheats which could be used to their pleasure.

Lawyers representing Rockstar Games have been vigilant when it comes to cheating in the online version of the game, GTA V Online, for which the software was made. Rockstar Games described that they have an “ongoing commitment to combat cheating and griefing”.

Here is the Mod Menu created by Christopher Anderson:

Take-Two Interactive, the parent organisation of Rockstar Games, has been targeting cheating over the years. They have been sending cease-and-desist notices across the world. They have targeted mod-makers in the United Kingdom, Germany, United States and Australia.

However, for Christopher Anderson, this was particularly bad news. His assets have been frozen by a Federal Court order, although is yet to file a defence in the case against him.

Rockstar Games brings in millions of dollars annually. The in-game micro-transactions have been a massive source of revenue for the company. Mods like ‘Infamous’ put this under serious threat.

Additionally, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive seek to protect the integrity of the gaming experience. Cheaters and hackers in multiplayer lobbies can ruin the experience for everyone. They cite ‘interference’ with other users as a key reason for strict intervention with hackers and modders.

Players of Grand Theft Auto V Online don’t often find fun in the grind. When players want the best of what’s on offer in the game, completing missions again and again for cash gets tiring. Mod menus can spawn millions of in-game dollars in seconds. However, this makes Rockstar’s ‘Shark Cards’ a lot less valuable.

Shark Cards translate real money for in-game currency

Modding and hacking is a polarising topic in the gaming community. Some may feel that the treatment of this man is unjustified. In some ways, a case could be made that Take-Two Interactive is seeking to make an example of modders in the community. However, others may be relieved to see that Rockstar is taking it seriously.

Rockstar won’t be slowing down anytime soon in their witch-hunt against hackers and modders. For those who partake in modding, say goodbye to the mod-menus.

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