Everyone wins as players hit the halfway point in the Slipgate Festival

The Slipgate Festival follows the release of the brand new Champion, Athena, who brings the new Slipgate game mode in the lead up to the Championships at PAX AUS.

The Slipgate festival consists of community-wide rewards for each milestone the player base reaches. These milestones are in the form of Slipgate matches played and so far, that’s a lot of matches people! Bethesda kicked off the festival by giving all players the tentacle skin for free on all starting weapons. This is a legendary skin so it’s getting slapped right onto everyone’s rocket launchers and shotguns. To be eligible to receive the rest of the items, players must play at least one Slipgate match. The first milestone was to get to 100,000 Slipgate matches in order to unlock the Annihilator heavy machine gun. This bad boy is not just new machine gun shader but a whole new weapon you can equip in its place. With Quake Champions not exactly being a front-runner for player counts, we still made it to 100,000 within just two days.

Now here is where we start getting some real rewards

Slipgate Festival: Scaleberaer lore skin with and without attachments
Slipgate Festival: Scaleberaer lore skin with and without attachments

At the halfway mark of 500,000 matches, all players are rewarded with the Scalebearer lore skin, with all attachments. Another legendary that was previously only available by unlocking all of his lore scrolls. If you already owned this skin for the galactic warlord, Bethesda reassured you would be awarded shards instead. However, some players have been reporting that they did not receive these in-game currency items as their replacement. Once we hit 1,000,000 Slipgate matches, all players will permanently unlock the newest champion, Athena. For players who already own her, her lore skin will be rewarded instead. We are currently at 60% of the matches needed so we don’t have long to go before everyone unlocks the grappling hook Champion.

Slipgate Festival: 60% of the goal matches so far, not long until Athena
Slipgate Festival: 60% of the goal matches so far, not long until Athena. Source: Twitter

We also have been gifted with a teaser for the next Champion to arrive to Quake. Eisen, according to the tweet from Quake, is a spaceship captain with a knack for engineering and a severe pummel to grind with a certain sentient robot. There is also supposedly leaks of another new Champion, this time a returning favourite, Hunter. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the inaugural Australian Quake Championships at PAX AUS this weekend!