Source: GX Australia

Prepare yourselves for another year of friendly fellow-geeks, celebrity panels and inclusive, passionate discussions about all things geek, because GX Australia is coming back to Sydney in 2017. On the 29th of April, for two days, GX Australia will be proudly showcasing all things nerd, with a focus on inclusivity and positive input, which is awesome!

Cosplayers enjoying the festivities at last year’s GX Australia.

After the show’s first successful run last year, the folks at GX are back with the promise of expansion. Their website even cheekily jokes at their return: “Like all two year olds, we’re bigger and badder than before.” And coming off the back of an insanely successful Kickstarter campaign, it seems there’s only going to be more demand for such an event.

For starters, the event’s venue has been upgraded from Technology Park to the Sydney Showground (so more room for the important stuff). Avid fans of Supanova and the EB Games Expo will know it well.

On top of all the regular sights, like stalls and infotainment, the event boasts an “expanded tabletop and card games section,” cosplay tournaments and an absolute cavalcade of celebrity guests, known as GX’s “Bosses of Honour,” with big names such as “Hex” Bendixsen from Good Game, Jordan Raskopoulos from Axis of Awesome, and Tim Cain, the creator of Fallout! You can view the full list here.

Source: GX Australia

Apart from the huge new additions, you can expect the usual convention goodies, like a massive show floor full of stuff to do and people to meet, a play section for new and exciting games and exciting VIP events. The event is also encouraging outside involvement, including dev and publisher sponsorship and even volunteering.

With Australia’s gaming and geek scene only due to grow, GX Australia looks slated to offer up a great event for nerds from all walks of life. Besides its mountainous roster of things to see and do, GX Australia is also out there to promote diversity and inclusion:

“It’s a weekend where Star Trek and Star Wars fans can set aside their differences and make friends, where you’re appreciated and loved no matter what mana colour your Magic: The Gathering deck is, and where you’re accepted for who you are even if you prefer the PS4 to the Xbox One.” – GX Australia

Tickets for GX Australia can be purchased by following the prompts on their website or through Eventbrite. Gamers Classified staff will also be attending and covering GX Australia on the 29th & 30th of April. Until then, keep the dates locked and we’ll hopefully see you there!

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