Geralt is Slaying Monsters in Monster Hunter World
(Source: Capcom/CD Projekt Red)

Gamers can pick up their silver swords and step into the boots of the ‘White Wolf’ in the latest collaboration event between Monster Hunter: World and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Included as a free update in Patch 6.0, the event is now available to play for all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users.

As a single player experience, players who are Hunter Rank 16 and above can play the first part of the event as Geralt of Riva in the questline Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest. Using Geralt’s silver sword and Witcher abilities, players are tasked with hunting down a dark spirit called a Leshen. After completing this quest, the Geralt α armor set will be available to craft and players can also gain access to the Witcher’s Silver Sword. Plus, if you want to add a bit of creepiness to future hunts, Palicos can also obtain the Nekker α armor set and the Cursed Staff α.

Ciri is Set to Blink In

For the second half of the event, which will kick-off on February 15 and run until March 1, hunters with a rank of 50 or higher can try out the multiplayer quest, Contract: Woodland Spirit. In this quest, players will encounter an even stronger Leshen that they must defeat. Completing this questline will award players with the Ciri α armor set and a pair of matching Dual Blades.

It has been confirmed that the original English voice actor for Geralt, Doug Cockle, has reprised his role for the event and in true Witcher style, the story will be influenced by the choices players make during dialogues.

With the event expected to come to PC at a later date, those who enjoy the PC version of Monster Hunter: World might need wait a bit longer.

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