GAMMA.CON celebrated its six anniversary at Exhibition Park Canberra aka Epic. This was a formidable two day event which stretched across two Epic pavilions and showcased the best of Canbarra and southern NSW’s cosplay and anime community. It was an inclusive event which featured vendors, workshops and eSports by day, and dance parties, adult shopping and cosplay pol dancing by night. If you didn’t attend or want to relive the highlights, Gamers Classified has what you need. Click here to watch exclusive footage from the event.

Upon entering the venue, guests were greeted by a flock of daleks which periodically exclaimed their trademark phrase ‘exerminate’ while gliding towards their target.  If a guest managed to successfully doge the daleks, they entered the Cooring Pavillion and were greeted by the Reload eSports stage. This weekend featured bouts between Australian National University’s Rampage and University of Sydney’s Gaming Society. Ample seating and several wide screens meant that fans had unobstructed views of both the players and the gameplay. If watching two virtual opponents knock each other senseless didn’t quench their bloodlust, guests could wander further into the pavilion and watch Honour Wrestling Australia bring the body slams out of the screen and into the ring, live.

Upon entering GammaCon, guests are greeted by Daleks.

For something a little less violent and more creative, guests could indulge in all things cosplay. Several attendees came dressed in costumes and were often happy to pose for photos. For anyone wanting professional photos, Cosplay High Command offered two photography areas complete with backdrops, lighting and photographers to capture everyone from their best angle. There was also a costume maintenance area where anyone experiencing wardrobe malfunctions could have their outfit repaired for free.

Next door in the Budawang Pavilion, vendors sold everything from clothing and accessories to games and illustrations. Several independent Australian authors, illustrators and designers were also present and selling signed copies of their work. These ranged from 3D figurines to punny books about octopi. This pavilion also featured live tattooing by Adam Slack aka Stampede who specialises in New School and Neo Traditional tattoo styles.

Board games were available to try and to purchase at GammaCon 2018.

After dark, Gamers Classified returned for GAMMA.CON @night. Neko Nation provided the soundtrack via their all ages dance party. DJs played a mix of Kpop, Jpop and anime soundtracks while LED-toting revellers danced the night away. If anyone felt underdressed, there was no need to worry as GammaCon supplied free face painting.

For the 18+ attendees, GAMMA.CON continued with the more mature themes of sex and violence. To put guests in the mood, Canberra’s own Reload Gaming Bar supplied aptly named beverages such as ‘fatality’ and ‘bioshock’. Drink in hand, guests could shop for waifu body pillows and assorted hentai products or sit back and enjoy the cosplay pole dancing headlined by Hayley Elise who appeared as a scantily clad Sith Lord for the occasion.

Cosplayer Hayley Elise dressed as a pole dancing Sith Lord

For the artists, the Drink and Doodle area allowed attendees to choose a theme and draw something accordingly to the best of their dwindling ability. Alternatively, Dr Sketchy’s Canberra hosted a Live Drawing Workshop with Canberra-based Burlesque performer Şeker Pare acting as muse.

GAMMA.CON 2018 was a well organised event which catered to all demographics and pop culture interests. Thank you to all of the volunteers, special guests and attendees who made this event possible.