Since it’s release earlier this year, State of Decay 2’s community has reached 4 million and as a thanks to those who have picked up the game, SOD2 will be receiving a new update which is available right now.

Titled Zedhunter, this update, which was first announced at the X018 event in Mexico City, is now available for free for all current SOD2 owners and Xbox Game Pass holders.

Design Director from Undead Labs, Richard Foge has shed some light on what has been included in the new content update.

Offering new weapons, missions and gameplay mechanics, the Zedhunter Update supports players who like to go in for the stealthy kill – allowing them to pick up a crossbow and shoot zombies from afar. There are eight new types to choose from, with the chance to easily get some headshots thanks to the introduction of a scoped crossbow. Bolts are also recoverable and the crossbows themselves do not break or jam.

For those who prefer to be up, close and personal with their zombies, Zedhunter brings three new melee weapons and three new close-combat weapons that include swords and knives.

Players can access this new content via several new missions labeled as “Mysterious”, as well as other missions that have been updated in the game. For those who are achievement hunters, players also have access to a few new achievements.

Crossbows now available in State of Decay 2

With three new plague consumables which have also been added to the game, players can choose to take down infected enemies at night, with night vision, or they can stroll past a horde of zombies without them noticing.

Six new “quirk skills” are available as well to buff player communities or survivors. These can be accessed from the Skills Trader who will visit a player’s town periodically. Reading the new training manual will also allow the reset of a survivor’s core skill specialisation.

Along with the Zedhunter Update being available now, Undead Labs has announced that a “new difficulty experience” will be coming to State of Decay 2 and players also will be able to return to Trumbull Valley in 2019.

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